About Ribs for Kids

Ribs for Kids is Petaluma Active 20-30's biggest fundraiser of the year. All proceeds support our mission to serve underprivileged kids in Petaluma, especially funding our annual Children's Shopping Spree- our biggest charitable event of the year. Last year, we were able to sponsor 60 local kids with new clothes, shoes, school supplies, and haircuts in preparation for Back to School, and we hope to sponsor even more this year!

Read more about Children's Shopping Spree here.


Ribs for Kids started a few years ago with an idea- We wanted to create a rib cook-off competition for the home gourmet; not professional chefs and KCBS circuiters, but the backyard barbecuer. The inaugural event was held on June 27th, 2015 in the parking lot of Mario & John's Tavern, with about a dozen competitors, beer, games, and good times. But in order for Ribs for Kids to become Petaluma's premier rib competition, we knew we would need a larger space and a kid-friendly environment. The next year, the event was moved to the grounds of the First Presbyterian Church of Petaluma, and the event was a huge success!

Each year, Ribs for Kids has got bigger and better. In 2018, we hosted the competition at Lucchesi Park with more competitors, more food, more activities, and more fun for the whole family- and we are excited to be returning to Lucchesi Park for our 5th Annual event on June 8th, 2019!

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1st Place: Pork Slayers - 2nd Place: Orchard Supply and Hardware - 3rd Place: Sexy Slabs BBQ - People's Choice Ribs: Pork Slayers - People's Choice Side: Pork Slayers - Most Spirited: Sax's Joint


1st Place: Twin Oaks - 2nd Place: Sauced - 3rd Place: SauceSquatch - People's Choice Ribs: Pork Slayers - Most Spirited: Smoke-n-Grill


1st Place: Smoke-n-Grill - 2nd Place: Pork Slayers - 3rd Place:People Choice Ribs: Pork Slayers - Most Spirited: