Meet the 2019 Competitors!


Pork Slayers

Team Captains: Ted & Judy Arntz

Side Dish Competition: Yes

This is the team to beat! The members of Pork Slayers have competed every year at Ribs for Kids (originally as Smoke, Fire, and Love), and each year they have gotten better and better - In 2018, they slayed the pork and the competition, taking home 1st Place for Ribs, and People’s Choice for Ribs and Side Dish! Can they do it again??


Sexy Slabs BBQ

Team Captain: Ed Parsons

Side Dish Competition: Yes

We’re excited to welcome back Sexy Slabs BBQ for their third year competing at Ribs for Kids! Last year they took home 3rd Place for their ribs - let’s see if they can bring the heat again this year, and deliver up ribs so good, they’re sinful.


Yes Dear BBQ

Team Captain: Glen Matthews

Side Dish Competition: Yes

Returning this year as Yes Dear BBQ, we’re happy to be welcoming Glen back to our competitor ring! He’s hoping the experience and lessons of 2018 bring him success in 2019 - Good luck, and remember those two magic words!


Native Sons of the Golden West

Team Captain: Dan Foppe

Side Dish Competition: Yes

Welcome back to these 2018 competitors! These guys know their history, and are looking to get their name in the Ribs for Kids record books - Join us on June 8th to see if they succeed!


Local Q 707 Platoon

Team Captains: Johnny Marrs & Rob Sereni

Side Dish Competition: Yes

These first time competitors at Ribs for Kids have nailed down their side dish, perfected their rib sauce, and are fired up for June! Plus, as part of the Charbay sponsorship, they’re also whipping up a specialty, rib-friendly cocktail for the event - We can’t wait to see what they bring to the table!


Butler Auto Glass

Team Captain: Sean Butler

Side Dish Competition: No

Join us in welcoming Sean to the competition on June 8th! He may spend his days doing auto glass repair, but that glass in his hand tells us he also knows how to have a good time - and has great taste! We’ll have plenty of HenHouse and Lagunitas brews on hand this year to satisfy the most discerning beer-lovers palate.


Pickles ‘N Smoke

Team Captain: Dave Friedrich

Side Dish Competition: No

Dave was a previous competitor at the 2017 Ribs for Kids and we’re happy to be welcoming him back! But why pickles? Maybe it’s because he’s a big dill and BBQ is his bread and butter!



Team Captains: Matt & Jen Hundley

Side Dish Competition: Yes

They may be one man down, but team SauceSquatch will not be deterred! This year, the Hundley’s are representing the BBQ-loving hominid, who took home 3rd Place for ribs in 2017! They’re hoping the 2019 footage will prove that they’re the real deal!



Team Captain: Fred Terry

Side Dish Competition: Yes

We’re pleased to be welcoming back these long time competitors! Smoke-N-Grill took home 1st place at the 2016 Ribs for Kids, and “Most Spirited” in 2017. Could 2019 be the year of the comeback? Find out on June 8th!

Burn Barrel.jpg

Burn Barrel BBQ & Brew

Team Captain: Danny Prodoehl

Side Dish Competition: Yes

Welcome back to these 2018 competitors- this year featuring our own former member, and 2018 Ribs for Kids planning superstar, Brent Mosbacher! This local realtor-dad is taking a break from baby bibs and selling “cribs” to cook some ribs!

Deputy Dawg BBQ.jpg

Deputy Dawg BBQ

Team Captain: Mike Coate

Side Dish Competition: Yes

Freeze! Don’t move as we welcome back these 2018 competitors! This team is hoping the judges report will say their ribs are so good, they should be illegal.

Fish Ninja

Team Captains: Jerrimiah and Iera Pool

Side Dish Competition: Yes

Welcome to these first time competitors! A team name like that requires confidence - Let’s see if they can catch the competition off-guard and have the judges swimming in BBQ goodness!

War Wagon

Team Captains: Rick Foote, Tim McDowell, Roger Layne

Side Dish Competition: Yes

Another first time Ribs for Kids competitor! War Wagon is bringing their arsenal to battle for the big win- will they be victorious? Find out on June 8th!


Joe Daddy’s Q

Team Captain: Joe Farais

Side Dish Competition: No

Welcome back to these 2018 competitors! Joe Daddy’s promises their ribs will make you smile… but will they be leaving with a smile (and the grand prize) on June 8th?

Brothers in Law BBQ

Team Captain: Dan Miller

Side Dish Competition: Yes

The police motto is “To Protect and to Serve” and on June 8th, the Petaluma PD will be in force to serve up some delicious BBQ! Thank you to these late entry competitors, and welcome to Ribs for Kids!