Children's Shopping spree

We accept donations throughout the year for the Children Shopping Spree and appreciate your donation!

Each year across the nation children start or return to school, many of these children do so with no school supplies, old clothes and a sense of not fitting in.

Active 20-30’s national project is a back to school shopping event to help underprivileged children start the school year off with the tools necessary for success. Petaluma Active 20-30 #30, Active 20-30 Sebastopol #63, Active 20-30 of the North Bay #656 work together each year to take children from our respective communities on this back to school shopping spree. In 2016, Petaluma #30 sponsored 50 local kids, and our clubs combined helped more than 140 children start their school year with confidence in brand new clothes.

Each child is partnered with an Active 20-30 personal shopper with $160 to spend on clothes, shoes and jackets for the start of school year. With early bird specials, clearance racks and an additional 15% off at the cash register at Kohl’s in Petaluma, we are able to provide these children with an ample amount of quality clothing that will last them throughout the school year.

When shopping is complete with each child they then have the opportunity to get their haircut by a volunteer hair stylist. Once the new clothes have been purchased and a new haircut has been provided, the children can enjoy a delicious breakfast. The children are also given a brand new backpack full of school supplies including crayons, colored markers, paper, pencils, erasers, rulers, tape, binders and more!